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Londra by night
24 Ago 2016

Contest vacanza studio: My holiday in London


Last summer I went to London for a week and it was the best holiday that I’ve ever had. I usually travel a lot because I like it very much but the holiday that I spent in London was special because it was my first vacation abroad.

I went there with my best friend Marco: everything was exciting for us!

We travelled by plane and I remember that during the flight I spent all the time imagining how our holiday would be like.
When we arrived we had to take a bus which brought us in the centre of London where there was our hotel. I had the room number 204 and Marco had the number 205: these were tiny but lovely and we could see a beautiful view of the city from our balconies. The first day we only walked around the city looking at the showcases of the shops because we arrived in the afternoon and we didn’t have enough time to look at the monuments.

The next day we had breakfast into the hotel, then we visited the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. The Tower of London was amazing and it was protected by beefeaters. Than we had lunch and we tasted fish and chips, an English speciality, but it wasn’t very good. In the afternoon Marco had a good idea: he suggested to go to Parliament Hill to do “Kite Flyer” which is an activity that people usually do there. It was really funny!

The third day we went to Buckingham Palace and we saw the guard change, then we saw a fantastic view of the city from the London Eye. In the afternoon we went to Harrods but we didn’t buy anything because everything was too expensive. For dinner we had roast beef that was delicious.

The fourth day we went to the Big Ben and the Hard Rock Café where we bought two fantastic T-shirts. At lunch we had a picnic in Hide Park. In the afternoon we went to Madame Tussauds Museum where we took a lot of photos with the statues of a lot of famous people such as Obama, Elisabeth II, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Kylie Minogue. In the evening we stayed in our hotel rooms eating a hamburger and playing card games.

Colorfull LondonIn the morning and in the afternoon of the fifth day we visited a lot of different museums and we saw Westminster Abbey and the House of Parliament. At night we played bowling where Marco and I won two games against Lucy and Ben who are two English guys we met there.

The sixth day was our last day in London so we spent the time searching some souvenirs for our friends and our families and eating English typical foods.

The next day we left London with a lot of fantastic memories that I’ll never forget.

During the flight back home I thought about the perfect holiday that I imagined and I realized that the holiday I had was better than the vacation I dreamt.

It was an unforgettable experience which gave me the opportunity to improve my English visiting a beautiful city and discovering its culture. I really hope to repeat this experience in the future!

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