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24 Ago 2016

Contest vacanza studio: The maturing holiday


Amsterdam_HotelLast summer I won an all inclusive trip with one person to share. The trip consists in spending one week in the best hotel in Amsterdam and a tour guided to visit the most important places in this european beautiful and calm city.

Once I read the email I can’t believe that I was the winner, because I have never won nothing and my parents had always told me that nobody is going to bring you nothing, because you have to fight for everything you want, but this time, somebody decided that I deserved to win.

I decided to share my prize with Adriana, my bestfriend. She is older than me, but only for two years, so we get on well easily. I love spending all my free time with her.

I met Adriana whenI was a 10 year old child, by this time I didn’t fed up her but as we grew up we start getting always more and more closer to each other.

Our dream travel start the 20th May, so we we’re at “El Prat Airport” very soon, because we couldn’t sleep a wink the night before, we we’re very nervous.

Everything was going well, we arrived on time to the airport, we we’re waiting the plane and at the same time we we’re dreaming about our week away alone.

At 9.00 a.m we arrive to Schiphol Airport. The weather was cold and rainy (fortunatelly we had read the weather forecasts!!!) but it wasn’t a problem because we had our umbrella and warm clothes.

We took a taxi which took us to the hotel. Once arrived there, we discovered that the hotel we have booked not seems at all to the other one that we had in front of us….yes! we had been fooled!!! Well…we decided to get in and ask to the receptionist everything but there was nobody to ask. We went around the hotel but there was nobody inside!! We were scared!! It seemed as an horror film: rainy day, nobody, silence….

The telephone rang, and we didn’t hesitate to answer because this was the only thing we can do at the moment. We can’t go out, because we didn’t know were to go, we were with all suitcases and the weather worsened, now it was raining cats and dogs!!!!

A warm voice ask us who we were, so we explained to this unknown person everything.

He told us what we had to do, because we couldn’t scape!! The doors were closed and there was nobody around the street due to the storm.

The steps were:

– Going to the room 205

– Finding a key

– Going to the room 245

– Finding the right object that was opened by the key

– Reading the message


We thought that it was really simply but we didn’t know what was coming.

Ams HotelThe hotel had 500 rooms and there were no number on the doors so we had to count in order to find that room.

When we found it, the door was already opened. We got in very quickly, looking for the key everywhere, under the bed, inside the wardrobe, under the carpet, in the drawers, in the toilet….and we found nothing. We counted again rooms, and we were wrong, we had been in the 203 room.

The door of the 205 room was opened, we looked it for and we found the key inside the pillow.

Counting again, we find the room 275, then we opened the door calmly because we had heard some noise….there was a grey cat inside, lying on the bed and there was 100 boxes of which only one contained what we wanted.

Inside it there was a ticket:

“Thank you for coming here sweety, in this live no one gives you nothing, you have to fight and do not trust any one.”

Before reading this louldly everybody gots out of their hiding places.

I hated the joke my parents made me, but I really understand that was true what they had always told me, and then….I could enjoy my “maturing-holiday”.

Then we visited lots of places:

Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Hermitage Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum with Rembrandt’s world-famous Nightwatch, the Palace on the Dam, the Artis Zoo, Jewish Historical Museum and the Rembrandt House.

I understood everything….the room was the day we arrived 20-5 (20th May), the second room 24-5 (24th May) was my birthdate, the grey cat because is my favourite animal, the 100 boxes because I collect boxes of all sizes, colors and shapes.

When we got back to Barcelona my parents were waiting us in the airport, I hugged them very strong.

Nowadays I work as a receptionist in an hotel, as always I have dreamt. I live in Barcelona with my Italian boyfriend and we have a grey cat. I still travel around the world with my bestfriend Adriana and I love spending time with my parents who help me in every situation.

I am where I am because of all the people who have formed my spirit and are part of my life.

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