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Choose the correct answer for each sentence.

1) Hi, my name is John. This is my friend Mary, and we ___________ 28 years old.

2) I am __________ English teacher.

3) Mary ___________ live in London anymore.

4) Now Mary ___________ in Rome.

5) That man over there is my best friend. ___________ name is Paul.

6) Paul is living in Rome too. I share a flat with ___________.

7) Mary’s mother tongue is English. She ___________ speak Spanish very well too.

8) Mary is gorgeous. She is a really ___________.

9) I am ___________ Italian at a language school.

10) ‘You ___________ park here. This space is reserved for ambulances,’ said the security guard at the hospital to the man in the car.

Choose the correct answer for each sentence.

11) I’m 180 cm tall and Mary is 155 cm tall. I am much ___________ than her.

12) What ___________ last weekend, Paul?

13) I ___________ to Milan last weekend.

14) I ___________ a really good film yesterday evening.

15) ___________ only one credit card in my wallet now…

16) (continuation of question 15) …but ___________ two of them yesterday.

17) Mary is very shy and not so popular at College. She has ___________ friends there.

18) I am quite poor, I have ___________ money in my bank account.

19) I like ___________ books.

20) I am a very good swimmer. I ___________ in the pool every weekend.

Choose the correct answer for each sentence.

21) I walk very fast, but Tom walks very _____________.

22) New York is a big city, it is definitely one of the ___________ cities in the world.

23) Mary ___________ to go back to London next Saturday.

24) ___________ to travel to Paris this weekend?

25) Mary ___________ for her previous company for 10 years.

26) ___________ to Berlin yet?

27) I ___________ for a big company in my life.

28) When my mom called me, I ______________________ home.

29) I ______________________ Spanish for 2 years, but I don’t study it anymore.

30) A car crashed on the other side of the road while I ______________________ home.

Choose the correct answer for each sentence.

31) I ______________________ swim since I was a child.

32) I still have a lot of work to do, but I ___________ be able to come to your party tonight.

33) Select the correct form of the First Conditional;

34) Select the correct form of the Second conditional;

35) Select the correct form of the Third conditional;

36) I am really good ___________________ basketball.

37) Oh no, It’s raining and I forgot ________________ the windows in my bedroom!

38) She will come to party, ___________________

39) The man, ________________ brother was murdered, was crying in front of the house.

40) I ______________________ to school when I was a child.

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